Short Stories

How would you explain to your daughter why people take drugs?


 It  was a beautiful Sunday morning. Now that the sun had risen from behind  the valley’s horizon and the cold-inland air had settled to a crisp, shy  breeze, Susy wanted to go out and run about the meadow...

What jobs will be taken by AI in the near future?


 “Mr.  Jefferson, your performance this last semester has been absolutely  phenomenal. The students love you. Their grades have been almost  universally high. You get along with the faculty just fine. You seem  absolutely perfect.”

What would you do in a school shooter situation?


 Alexis remembered years ago looking through the window at the Kindergarten teacher as she peeled away the ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ poster from the wall and began inking in a new set of lyrics with colored felt markers… 



Timothy woke up to the feeling of a stinging sensation in his neck, the faint tug of straps across his body, and the noise of the crowd’s applause gradually growing louder...

Marooned on the Saddle of Arion



“You do realize we are, without a sliver of doubt, absolutely, completely, entirely screwed. You understand?”

Life on Proxima-b



“Bill, wake up.” Bill  stirred, eyes still blurry with morning eye gunk. He blinked several  times and checked the clock that stood on the other end of the room...