About The Author

Trevor Farrell is a mathematics major at Cal Poly Pomona, California. He apparently also likes talking about himself in third person, like any other egotist. What's the deal with that, anyways? We're all pretty certain that it's the author themselves that write this sort of thing in the first place. Why do we pretend?

To Let a Tiger Be

I've been writing short stories since 2016 or so. I began writing my first novel, "To Let a Tiger Be" quite by accident around late 2018. Mind you, I didn't know it at the time -- I just found myself writing short stories that took place in roughly the same universe, and which involved roughly the same characters. Before I knew it, I had about three quarters of a book completed, and, well, I couldn't just leave it unfinished, now, could I?

Where Now?

I'm presently working on my second untitled novel. Set in space a few centuries from now, it studies the political behavior of human being on interplanetary colonies.