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Freestyle Friday

At Pivot Charter, San Diego, a unique feature was presented and proposed by the employees: A concept called freestyle Friday, not entirely unlike that of show and tell. I elected to contribute on a number of occasions, including, times where I brought in musical instruments. See About Trevor.

On one particular occasions, I chose to bring in robots. As a result of my actions, I was elected for an interview wih the Pivot charter Newsletter. The interviews transcript can be viewed here:

Additionally, my E.C. David Marson wanted to shoot a small, promotional video of me showing off my robotics. It happened to be during break, so they weren't all tuned perfectly, (I still get embarrassed over the modded roomba failing to respond to remote control) and I was acting rather corny all the while. Either way, though, it WAS fun.

Here's a short video of the first successful trial run of "Pumpkin," a simple line following robot I made from scratch parts and a tea tin. She's one of the creations I take the most pride in, having made her without kits or specific instructions.

A Few other things I've done on Freestyle Friday