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Integrated Circuit Project

During this project, we learned about certain properties of DC current before designing our own electrical system and fitting it into a wearable article of clothing. Then, we presented it to the entire school by wearing it for an entire day. For my project, I created a replica of a "Mau5head," a mouse-head shaped cartoon helmet, worn by the musician "Deadmau5." From top to bottom is a photograph of the mau5head demonstrating its light up eyes and mouth, myself posing with the Mau5head, and my mother wearing the mau5head just moments before knocking over a vase and candle off of the mantlepiece with the ears.

The mau5head uses two D cells for each row of 12 LED's used in each lip, and one 9 volt battery per light up eye. In order to be worn comfortably, it has an adjustable hard hat inside.