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The Trial Project

The Trial Project: The Yugoslavian Conflict

Near the end of the year, we had a project that was referred to as the "Trail Project." During this project, we choose groups to go into that were based on different historical subjects of our choice. Then, after learning about these subjects, we would take a side of the conflict to defend, choose a role to partake, and act in a trial to prove the other side of the conflict wrong by bringing an argument to the judges, which were tenth grade volunteers dedicating their time to try to see which group preformed better.

The fun thing about this project was that it was an imitation of a real trial. We were real groups taking real life roles of people in a court situation attempting to prove the other side guilty. This left things very open to the students. I got to pick which conflict to argue for, which side of the debate to be on, which role to choose, and which lawyer to aid, which in the end dramatically changed the outcome of the project. The entire result was up to me to decide. I could have chosen instead, for example, to be a prosecuting head lawyer for the Israel-Palestine conflict, rather that a prosecuting evidence expert for the Yugoslavian conflict.