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Roller Coaster Project

In this project, we learned all about the basic properties of Momentum, Potential energy, Kinetic energy, and how each of these are related. We demonstrated this with our Roller coaster project, where we were challenged to create a roller coaster that would convert the potential energy of the marble at the peak of the first hill into kinetic energy (and back and forth) until it reached the bottom. I had some initial difficulty with the project when Here are some of the essential question that we had to answer in this project:


  • Is it possible to build from a blueprint without alterations of the original design? If so, how? What's the proccess?
  • To which I respond:

  • No. It is almost never possible to build anything without some alteration to the first design. There must always be some change from draft to draft.
  • How is Safety designed into a roller coaster?
  • To which I respond:

  • Safety is designed into a roller coaster in many different ways. For my roller coaster, I made sure that the marble would be safe by keeping covers on top of the track to make sure that the marble would not fly off the top of the track, as well as an appropriate centrifugal force system on the marble when going through loops to keep it from slowing down and falling out when it goes upside down.