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Mind Mobile Project

My mobile project was used to get a good understanding of what symbolism is. For this project, we designed and created a mobile, complete with symbols representing us and everything we do in our lives. However, in this project we also learned all about creating force diagrams and how they can help with designing architecture, or all sorts of things. We learned that the whole process of force diagrams and weight distribution is based entirely on multiplication. In short, If and object weights twice as much as another object when both are resting on two sides of a first class lever, then to balance perfectly, the weight that weighs half as much as the other must have twice as much distance between the fulcrum as the weight that weighs twice as much. So I can't really say that it was entirely an all humanities project, just like any other project at High Tech, since it combined elements of all classes. I also found that I enjoyed the mind mobile project, primarily because of the mathematics that we use in it.

During this project, I was envisioning my future and different ways that I could apply this principle to the future. Being who I am, I enjoy putting numbers onto anything that I do, so now I can understand the principles of first class levers everywhere.

Finally, to wrap up the reflection, I would like to explain what I would change to the mobile if I had the opportunity to do it over again, I would likely choose different methods of designing my mobiles. Perhaps I would even choose different symbols entirely, such as a computer screen, or an ear, to take the place of the Pac-man ghost, or to represent how I learn well by listening.