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     Inaugural Area Project

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The Obama Inaugural project was a quick project done in math that was used to try to see what ways different students would handle a problem, and to see he different methods used to find an answer. The questions was:

How many people attended the presidential inauguration of 2008 for Barack Obama?

We were then provided a map of washington DC from a birds eye view, and information of the scale, which included the fact that the distance from the congressional building to the Washington memorial was 1.2 miles, or 6336, since there are 5280 feet in a mile. From there on, we we're on our own.

The first thing I did was devise a system for finding the number, based on the size of the crowds. I got my group mate, Morgan, to help measure the size of the crowds diameter, before I measured the area of the "blobs," by using "Π * r^2."

Then, I counted the blobs, and adjusted the numbers to fit those to my percieved density of the people.

Finally, I personally tried to see how many people could fit into a 2x2 square. Thus, In the end, I found that the number of people present during the event could be somewhere around 1,415,886 people.

A few habits of a mathematician that I presented in my use included a systematic approach in my work and a generalization of the statistics. After all, throughout this project, I made a lot of assumptions during this problem. I assumed that the crowds were circles. I assumed people would be packed together in close quarters. The range, therefore, is quite large.