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Exhibition 2013

Exhibition this year in High Tech was a little bit more scattered then usual. I personally didn't find much connection between each classroom exhibition. This isn't to say it wasn't fun, quite the contrary. In fact, despite the disconnect in classes, I personally think this was one of the greatest exhibitions I've been through.

Multimedia: This class was basically the Art Landscape project, but in a more presentable form. For that, see here.

Humanities: During exhibition, Mrs. Howards class was made into a theatre for our shakespeare performances. It was also here that I invested most of my time, by practicing my preformance for "The Tamin of the Shrew," act 1, scene 2, with my group.

Math: While the math class itself was used for storage, the area directly outside and in the open was used to show off what we'd learned as far as the probability of board games. For this exhibition project, my friend Sean and I worked together to try and find exactly how many possibilities there were for one player in the game of chess, two moves in. Using combined mathematics and physical configuration, we found a total of 340 move possibilites for one player. When squared for the second player, this came out ot be 115,600 moves total, attacks not included.

Chemistry: For chemistry, we provided evidence on the work we did for the "Art and Science" exhibition project, which can be seen in further detail here.

Grade Proposal: Exhibition

1: What letter grade do you think you deserve at the semester based on all of your work up until now? (A, B, C etc) Please use specific examples of work that you did that was above and beyond the minimum standard and expectation. Use your DP to support this. Additionally support this with examples of your work ethic, group dynamics, etc.

RE: We've been over this before: I've tried being modest before, it hasn't worked. Thus, I guess I should ask for an A grade. I worked great during the project, helped assemble the board, put together research, presented during exhibition, etc. I also did my best to offer help whenever idle, even so much to the point of being annoying. I am unafraid to point out my DP as evidence, on top of that. (http://www.trevorfarrell.com/)

2: What is one area that you said you were working on at the quarter or during SLC’s in which you have improved? Please be specific in your examples, and use evidence when possible.

RE: I know this has little to do with multimedia, so please excuse me. However, I feel as if I tried as hard as I could to exell in humanities this exhibition, by pulling out all stops when it came to acting. After a few unsuccessful attempts at reciting lines with my partners, I finally made the decision of turning to overwork. I got everybody to move to the auditorium, pull out their lines, and recite them. Then, we all recited them again. And again. Then, we did it while jogging. The, while shouting it as loudly as possible. Then, again. Thus, we managed to ace our presentation, by committing great effort to our achievement.

3: What or where is an area in which you feel like you still need to improve? (staying on task, self direction, working in groups, class participation, taking risks with projects, etc)

RE: Probably self control. One too many time, I've wanted to completely lose it, to fly into a violent rage. I know everybody feels the same way, but its not fun, and I'd like to stick to my logical way of looking at things, and NOT lose all control.

4: What goals do you have for yourself going forward into Spanish and into your Junior and Senior years? (how do you want to be as a student here at HTHNC?)

RE: I want to learn Spanish! I know, it sounds like one of those generic, no effort taken statements by people who want to finish these assignments, but really. The idea of being able to speak another language (and at that, one thats so useful around here.) opens up world (or at least countries) to me. After that, maybe Japanese? As far as Junior year, I just hope I can manage the stress of it. From what I've heard, its the hardest year of all. And besides, incoming pressure to complete eagle, drive a car, get a job, etc. may make it hard.

5: Lastly, what comments or concerns do you have about the class or the projects etc? Please be kind, specific, helpful.

RE: Can't think of anything else I want to say that hasn't already been put into the student led comments, other than "Thank you very much for a wonderful year. I hope our paths cross again soon!"