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Design a Cake Project

The design a cake project was a project focused on different geometric elements, primarally rotations, reflections, and translations, and how they differed from one another.

Above is a chart showing the locations of different elements of my pie. It was made in a school program called geogabra. The geogebra site can be found here.

Below is a chart that shows the features for my example in the "Design a cake" project. Despite the project title, I chose to design a pizza pie instead, because it was easier for me to cook.

 DETAILS:  Rotations  Reflections  Translations
1:) inward triangle slices
 x  x  
 2:) Center squares
 x  x  
 4:) Outward triangle slices
 x  x  
 5:) Pepperoni
   x  x

For More about Geogebra, you may also want to refer to the Geogebra project.