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11th Grade

This page contains information pertaining to the work I have done during my first year at Pivot Charter, San Diego.

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Links to my work

English essay arguing the similarities in civil rights activists through the centuries.

Short fiction story for English 11 B

Short Algebra assignment based on confetti dropping in a vacuum.

Short Algebra assignment based off of the concept of area.

English paper based on technology and its impact on modern life.

History essay on the topic of outsourcing

Algebra assignment on geometric series

History assignment based on quotations from the Vietnam war era.

History assignment on the civil rights era

History assignment providing commentary about the digital age

English assignment on environmental impact

English assignment on the philosophical question: is there a right way to live ones life?

History assignment on the boxer rebellion.

History assignment on the cold war

History assignment on the 1950's era

English assignment on discrimination